1. Please Stop publishing in my blog without my consent!

    I hate that the Top Viewers are routinely posted without my consent. I made the mistake of clicking on the link not knowing that they would use my blog to constantly promote themselves.

    If you dont want this to happen to you, refrain from clicking on my top viewers link!

    Is something like htpp bit.ly/TopViews something.

    And if you know how can I make them stop, please let me know.

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    Never. Ever. Give up on what you want most.

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  6. Total aurean composition! Beautiful picture!

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  7. Equestrian art!

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    Joseph Paul Blanc (1846-1904.) - Perseus astride Pegasus.

    Equestrian art.

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    •=• •=• •=•

    I believe in livin’ a life less ordinary… Yet extraordinary.

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